Starting a Job? 5 Top Tips

Starting a new job can be very stressful. has produced a quick guide with 5 top tips.

1. Make sure you say hello and introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Do not assume that anyone knows who you are. Be nice to everyone and sit on the fence in any office politics discussions for at least 2 months.
2. Strike up a rapport with any secretaries or support staff you will be working with on a daily basis. Do not instruct anyone to do anything for you for at least 24 hours if possible.
3. Make sure you have your employment contract signed and agreed by both sides. Contracts tend to get forgotten very quickly…
4. Take your P45 from your last post with you to work, as well as your practising certificate, proof of ID and proof of residence.
5. Take some personal items with you to work for your desk space and make your space your own. This shows that you are committed to the firm/company.
There is an old saying that first impressions last a very long time. People form an opinion of you very quickly and once formed it is very hard to break without some perceived drastic behavioural change. If you start off being very friendly to everyone this should create the impression that you are nice, personable and easy to work with, even if this is not true….
Stress in the work place is a common cause of a whole host of problems, both mental and physical, and if you start off avoiding this stress it can have a very positive effect on your future experiences.