Investigations – The Case of the Disappearing Lover

A recent case from the Diary of a Private Investigator Blog

We were instructed on a case not so long ago that involved a spouse concerned that her partner was cheating on her because he kept disappearing at weekends for fairly long periods of time, and was telling her that he was at work, when a coincidental telephone call had indicated to her that he was not there.
He would also sometimes come back with mud on his knees or in his hair and be smelling a bit of beer. She was very concerned so she instructed TP Investigations ( to undertake some investigation work for her, to see where her spouse was going.

Ccovert surveillance was awkward because the target lived in a very rural area, which necessitated the visibility of the private investigator.

We sent our private investigator in disguise, and he was able to shadow the husband to a local cricket ground.

The private investigator sat and watched as the husband opened the batting for a local team, and it soon became obvious that he had been too scared to tell his wife that he had been playing cricket, and had instead told her he was going into work.

This is fairly common, but we would estimate that in 60 – 70% of cases, where a spouse suspects their partner is having an affair, they are usually correct, or the spouse has lied to them as to their whereabouts, in order to pursue some other interest or activity.

We were able to reassure the spouse of their husband’s infidelity with the game of cricket, but we would not have liked to have been in their house that evening.

Where he was getting his cricket whites washed we have no idea…