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The Case of the Walking Woman

We were instructed by an Australian law firm who had strong doubts about a claim that had been put in by an English claimant living in Yorkshire, who had been injured on a train in New South Wales, and they had been curious as to the truth of her statement. As a result, they instructed us to undertake two days of surveillance to see what her movements were. We were in possession of her Witness Statement from the Australian law firm, which stated that she was having trouble walking and was unable to get out of her house without the help of a wheelchair.

We undertook surveillance for two days, recording the claimant walking & running up the street and moving about freely, and clearly not having the difficulties she claimed to be suffering from in her Witness Statement. With the work that we undertook, the Australian defendants were able to reduce their offer to her before trial, and the case settled at a substantially lower level than would otherwise have been the case.

This was a difficult case, as the claimant lived on a very busy street with no parking, and we had to be very careful not to get spotted. Our investigator read the newspaper a lot! The joys of private investigation work – lots of hanging around and waiting for just those few moments of filming opportunities.

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