Improve your CV

We regularly write tips on doing this, and again this month have had a load of pretty awful CVs in to work with. If you have 30 seconds, try the following:
Underneath your personal details at the top of the first page, include a profile.
Think of the following:
1. Your connections geographically to the place you are applying.
2. Your job title and confirmation of your qualifications – eg a solicitor.
3. Your level of experience if this assists.
4. What you have to offer – eg panel membership, accreditations, personal connections to potential clients, networks, following, sheer hard work (and evidence of it), excellent billing record (and evidence of it).
5. Your availability.
Try to avoid the waffly nonsense of “excellent communication skills, outstanding advocacy ability, good time keeping, ability to work well as part of a team” etc.. etc.. yawn. Recruiters and law firms cannot read this – they do not have time….
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