How to Employ Staff without any Risk – 5 Top Tips

We are often asked this question when giving advice to law firms, and there are a few very simple pointers:
1. Interview using Competency Based Interviewing Techniques.
For a list of over 150 of these, please email us at with the Subject: Competency Based Interview Questions.
2. Get a Guarantee of 12 months rebate from your Recruitment Agency
Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment offer a unique guarantee with any introduction – pay monthly – if a candidate leaves your obligation to pay finishes at that point.
3. Always offer a Probationary Period
Make sure your probationary period includes the option for either side to give 1 weeks notice.
4. Google the potential employee’s name and take up references
We know of a company who did this and discovered that the perfect candidate for a job had been arrested for a stalking offence a few months beforehand. Make sure the reference is from the most recent employer.
5. Do what you promised for the new employee
Hold regular meetings, find out how they are doing, give them everything you promised, keep a check on them daily or weekly. Ask other staff members how they are doing.