Legal Recruitment News June 2017

Legal Job Market Report dated June 7th 2017

May has been a month very much affected by world events, half term and 2 bank holiday Mondays. Traditionally we have had a month of solid work as we enter the summer recruitment season (the busiest time of year for recruitment agencies is May to mid-July). Locum work got busy at the start of May but we have been quiet for the past few weeks. Permanent posts have been steadily trickling in, but we have ended the month in a fairly quiet phase. Both locum and permanent vacancies have decreased in number over the month, although we have had a significant number of assignments booked up and vacancies filled.

Locum hourly rates have picked up a bit but there is considerable regional variation. Plenty of locums available for Greater London but a shortage in other areas of the UK. It remains the case that availability rather than price one of the key factors for a lot of new assignments.

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Hourly Rates of Pay for Locum Solicitors and Legal Executives

Conveyancing rates have crept up a bit over the last four weeks, as we enter the busy period, but they are still low. Conveyancing locums looking for £35 an hour and above will find higher levels of competition still exist with experienced conveyancers still available for around £28-32 per hour. For some firms this is almost certainly going to be the maximum level paid and locums need to bear this in mind…

May 2017 Locum Rates:
Residential Conveyancing Locum Solicitors – 1-5 years PQE, £26-30 per hour (no variation for central London).
Conveyancing Locum Solicitors & ILEX – 5-35 years PQE, handling all levels of conveyancing including managing a department – £28-£35 per hour, including central London.

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Candidate Shortages in Wills & Probate and Conveyancing – myths and legends

As I write this brief article, I can reflect that I could probably have written the same article in any year between 2011 and 2017. In fact if you are reading this in 20 years’ time, and Donald Trump hasn’t ended the world as we know it, chances are the information and advice in the article will be the same. I have focussed on locum roles – on the permanent side it is still very difficult to recruit conveyancing and private client staff – there is a severe shortage of candidates.

Are Conveyancing Locums in Demand?

A private client solicitor called me today and said that she knew that conveyancing solicitors were in massive demand for locum work and that firms (including her own) couldn’t get hold of them at the moment. She knew that there is a lot of need for locum conveyancers but what about locum private client solicitors?

I was very surprised to hear this. Apart from short term conveyancing locum roles in areas with high levels of tourism in the summer we can usually get at least one locum conveyancer CV to any law firm in England and Wales within a few hours for cover of one week to one year.

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CV Blooper(s) of the Month

This is taken from a law student’s CV:

“I went to watch a court case in the old bailey where a young man was being cross examined (a term I learned there ) for a drug charge. He represented himself without a lawyer and I was surprised by the strength of his rebuttals (another term I learned there) and also by how eloquently and respectfully everybody talked in the court. When leaving I decided that I was a bit more sure that I wanted to ingeniously use a thorough knowledge of the law as a career. I decided to enter a Cambridge Law essay competition where the question was “Should we repeal the human rights act 1998 “. The effort and private study I put into this essay was proof enough for me that I was compatible with a law career. I naturally feel I gravitate towards law, I love writing, studying and thinking about it. I haven’t been able to get an opportunity to explore any fields of law which I hope to do in summer.”

How to review your own CV

We recently received a CV from a candidate with the following advice placed at the bottom. I have edited it for a bit of content – eg the writer recommended 2 pages max but we think a CV can be as long as it needs to be for someone with experience. The remainder is a very effective and useful guide to reviewing your own CV.

CV Guide

1. Check and recheck for spelling and grammar. Attention to detail is absolutely key so ensure dates, names of companies etc are all correct and never use abbreviations or colloquialisms. Ask someone you trust to proof read your CV as a new pair of eyes can often be useful in identifying mistakes.

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Permanent Vacancies registered in the last 21 days

North, Scotland and Wales

VAC-17154 Commercial Property Paralegal or Secretary Chester
VAC-17151 Residential Conveyancer Warrington
VAC-17147 Family Law Solicitor Bolton
VAC-17145 Locum Residential Conveyancer Hull
VAC-17142 Corporate Commercial Solicitor Llandudno
VAC-17136 Crime Solicitor Carlisle
VAC-17124 Child Care Locum Llandrindod
VAC-17120 Wills & Probate Solicitor Llandudno
VAC-17119 Residential Conveyancing Llandudno

South and Midlands

VAC-17117 Litigation Solicitor West London
VAC-17116 Residential Conveyancer West London
VAC-17123 Family Solicitor Tunbridge Wells
VAC-17122 Commercial Contracts Locum Harrow
VAC-17121 Legal Cashier Tunbridge Wells
VAC-17135 Commercial Property Locum East-Central London
VAC-17133 Company Commercial Solicitor Birmingham
VAC-17131 Employment Solicitor Birmingham
VAC-17130 Family Law Paralegal/Legal Secretary Leicester
VAC-17129 Wills and Probate Locum Brighton
VAC-17128 Family Law/Public Law Solicitor Milton Keynes
VAC-17127 Private Client Solicitor Northampton
VAC-17141 Head of Dispute Resolution North West London
VAC-17140 Business Development Manager North West London
VAC-17139 Risk Management Officer Truro
VAC-17138 Residential Conveyancer Truro
VAC-17137 Immigration Solicitor North West London
VAC-17144 Conveyancing Solicitor Locum Brighton
VAC-17143 Conveyancing Locum Plymouth
VAC-17146 Family Solicitor East-Central London
VAC-17150 Residential Conveyancer Canterbury
VAC-17148 Commercial Property Locum West-Central London
VAC-17172 Conveyancing Administrator East-Central London
VAC-17171 Commercial Property Solicitor Stevenage
VAC-17169 Trainee Solicitor Tunbridge Wells
VAC-17168 Legal Receptionist Milton Keynes
VAC-17167 Marketing Assistant Milton Keynes
VAC-17166 Entry Level LPC Graduate Role Milton Keynes
VAC-17165 Contentious Probate Milton Keynes
VAC-17164 Property Litigation Solicitor Milton Keynes
VAC-17163 Family Solicitor Milton Keynes
VAC-17162 Wills & Probate Solicitor Milton Keynes
VAC-17161 Residential Conveyancer Milton Keynes
VAC-17160 Wills & probate Solicitor with Court of Protection Milton Keynes
VAC-17159 Commercial Property Solicitor Milton Keynes
VAC-17158 Crime Solicitor Locum Ipswich
VAC-17157 Employment Solicitor Locum Guildford
VAC-17156 Residential Conveyancing Locum Solicitor Plymouth
VAC-17155 Legal Cashier Slough
VAC-17153 Commercial Property Solicitor PT Oxford
VAC-17152 Residential Conveyancer Redhill

Any interest in getting further information? Please email and we’ll get back with firm names etc..

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Why is there a shortage of private client solicitors and so many vacancies?

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