2/3rds of Consumers Concerned about the Perceived Quality of Legal Services to be offered by Supermarkets and Banks.

The effect of this headline from the Law Society can be summed up in a few words:

Develop your Brand.

Apart from the actual question being somewhat loaded (respondents “agree that they would be concerned about the quality of services”) so slightly dubious, it demonstrates a key point in the world of marketing – you need to get your brand out there and known to your customers and future customers.

Clearly the word “solicitor” does not immediately dissuade potential customers from using your services if this report is correct, and in fact encourages them.

Are you doing everything you can to do marketing at low cost or for nothing? I recently noticed a press release online (free to do by the way) from a family solicitor discussing the recent split of Jordan and Peter Andre, which appeared to have attracted rather a lot of hits via an online press release website.

Have you issued press releases this month? Are you devising a marketing strategy to use over the next 4 weeks? What efforts have you made to find new clients in the last two weeks when Wednesday afternoon comes and you are bored? What incentives have you given your staff to bring new work into the firm?

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